Saturday, March 20, 2010

Don't let She GO, I do it all just for you, please...

I don't do sales...I do marketing.
I don't do cold calls...people call me.
I don't sell...I show.
I don't enroll people...I sponsor them.
I don't wish I was online...I get a website.
I don't hope for traffic and visitors...I advertise.
I don't email...I use an autoresponder.
I don't spam...I have 100% optins.
I don't join deals...I join businesses.
I don't do it tomorrow...I do it today.
I don't spend money...I invest it in my business.
I don't waste money...I make it.
I don't get rich quick...I build cashflow and wealth.
I don't wish it was easier...I make myself better.
I don't want it to work...I make it work.
I don't hope for success...I create success.
I don't wait for a leader...I become the leader.
I don't follow...I lead.
I don't tell people what to do...I show and mentor them.
I don't watch others...I take action.
I don't chase my friends...I just show them what I do.
I don't chase prospects...I just show them what I do.
I don't chase leaders...I just show them what I do.
I don't chase anyone...I just show them what I do.
I don't quit...I work harder.
I don't quit...I learn more skills
I don't quit...I take more action.
I don't quit...I try again.

When I don't quit....I succeed.

by Joel Broughton

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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